Local Visibility Through Search Engine Optimization

Are you a local business looking to bring visitors to your storefront or website?

These days, if people can’t find your business on the internet…it’s like you don’t even exist.

SEO - If your business can't be found online. Do you even exist?

Local Visibility is a Contest You Must Win…if You Wanna Stay in Business

It’s a contest to rank highly on places like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. and this requires frequent attention and care to stay ahead of your competitors. This practice is referred to as local search engine optimization (SEO).

Why is Local Search Important for You?

Think local search optimization is not important? Think again. Take a look at these powerful statistics:

of all searches in Google are local
of local-mobile searches are looking for business information like a local address
of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases

How We Help Your Customers Find You

Local SEO Services We Provide

  • Optimizing your website so you can be found by local customers

  • Local listing signup (Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook,etc.), optimization, and maintenance (NAPW consistency, etc.)

  • Local social media marketing

  • Strategies for community outreach and marketing

  • Help with local sponsorship marketing

  • Business reviews: training and handouts

  • Advertising targeted to potential customers in your area.

A Deeper Explanation of Local SEO

High-quality search engine optimization is about understanding and implementing Google’s own rules for ranking well. Local search ads to these principles the importance of location, whether it be the location of the searcher or what they are searching for. Local search optimization is important for any business, even ones that may not consider themselves local, like an internet business.

Is Local Search Optimization (Local SEO) Important for Internet Businesses?

Absolutely! Even if your business is not considered a local business, optimizing for local search is a great way to outrank more powerful, national competitors. I will explain this more in a minute, but let me first explain the two categories that business are grouped into.

Local search optimization categorizes businesses into 2 main groups: Local businesses with physical locations where they serve customers ( also known as “brick and mortar” businesses), and service area businesses (SABs).

A service area business is a type of business where the business owner does not have a physical office space where they help clients but instead go to the clients home. Examples of this could be internet based businesses or even a plumber, who always goes to the job site or residence to help customers.

The Local SEO Tactic That Helps You Beat National Brands

Due to the increasing importance of local search, Google will often give a smaller local business the opportunity to outrank a large, nationally recognized brand, if you as a local business offer a similar service. Yes, we’re serious!

If you are close, geographically, to the person searching, Google will often provide you with opportunities to rank higher. However, you have to make sure you have fully optimized your website, your Google my Business account, etc…and great reviews help, too.