Marketing Audit and Strategy Session

How would you feel if you went to see your doctor and he asked you only one question and then tried to set you up for open heart surgery the following week? I’d be pretty concerned that he hadn’t gotten all the facts, that he hadn’t taken the time to diagnose me and prescribe relevant treatment.

In the same way, we don’t want to try and solve every problem with a $20,000 website. We’ll walk you through a proven framework to uncover insights about the business and prescribe a marketing strategy that best fits your business and meets your customers’ needs.

You’re Wasting Money on Marketing

Do you have a “spray and pray” approach to marketing? Hope is not a valid business strategy. We’ll walk you through a proven framework to uncover insights about the business and give you directions for how to grow your business through marketing.

  • Have you done the research to identify your ideal customers?

  • Do you know where your customers spend their time online?

  • Do you have a strategy to reach you ideal customers?

  • Have you examined your analytics to find where you are bleeding money?

Marketing without strategy is flying with your eyes closed

What is Strategy?

So, what is a “Marketing Audit and Strategy Session” these are not just a meaningless buzzword thrown around to sound smart.

Marketing Strategy - We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them! - Albert Einstein

Sometimes called Discovery, a strategy session allows us to facilitate a discussion where you and your team (experts about the business) are asked questions and lead through a framework designed to reveal insight about your business and your customers.

More specifically, this may include exercises like competitor analysis, development of customer avatars and the buyer’s journey, etc.

This data is then analyzed against an audit of your marketing channels and analytics to look for inconsistencies and uncover deeper insights into your business.