Our Work & Case Studies

The Product: An ebook entitled, “Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs: A Guide to User Experience, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Creation.”

Client: The Futur

Bio: Headed by Chris Do, The Futur is revolutionizing education for creative professionals the world over.

Case Study

The Service: Search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and outreach.

Client: Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Woodland Park, NJ

Bio: “A therapist-owned physical and occupational therapy practice offering patients a proven blend of personal attention, trusted partnership and unparalleled care.”

The Service:  Copywriting

Client: The Kids Time

Bio: The Kids Time App is the ONE PLACE to find the best, ON DEMAND, activities, events, and playgrounds near you. The Kids Time: Discover together, anytime, anywhere.

The Futur

After a few months of working together, Ben Burns, COO at The Futur, asked Matt Cilderman if he would create a guide to blogging for creative entrepreneurs (including SEO, user experience, and content creation) to be sold in The Futur’s online store.

The Blogging Kit - The Futur

Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs consists of over 170 pages of beginning and advanced tactics for “Creatives” to better market themselves and their company.  The guide also features a set of worksheets, helping to put passion into practice.

Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

After meeting with Dr. Igor Voloshin (owner of Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Woodland Park, NJ) and listening to his goals, we created a custom marketing plan that involved a combination of search engine optimization, local SEO, outreach, and social media. This example will focus on the SEO and outreach portion of the marketing.

Before we started, the business received almost no traffic or leads from their website. As you will see below, targeted traffic has exploded to over 1,100 pageviews last month (March 2018).

Cilderman Solutions SEO Case Study

We have achieved this through high-quality content marketing (medical blogging focused on SEO) on a national level that has attracted links. This, also, has increased our topical authority and ability to rank locally.

Local SEO and Traffic

Locally, we have increased brand recognition and website traffic through blogging about local health and wellness issues (parks, blood drives, etc.) and our outreach efforts.

Successful Outreach: Wayne Patch Writes a Feature about Dr. Voloshin’s Innovative Approach to Care.

Vigor Physical Therapy Opioid Treatment

With the overuse of opioids gaining national attention, Dr. Voloshin was featured in the local news for how he counsels patients and provides physical therapy as a healthy alternative to the quick fix of pain medication (opioids) that too often lead to addiction. Dr. Voloshin was featured, quoted, and his picture was included in the article. The article also included a link to the Vigor website, which is generating valuable local traffic and leads!

Increased Business Inquiries and New Patients

Contact Page & Sales Leads

While visits to the Contact page are not a perfect indicator, they are still a good example of the increase in new patient inquiries.

Dr. Voloshin and the staff at Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation are thrilled with our results and we continue to partner with them today.

The Kids Time App

Based on our conversations with the team at The Kids Time, we crafted copy that featured the benefits of the Kids Time App and really made it shine!

Here’s The App Description we Wrote:

“Ever searched for “Things to do with kids near me” and given up because of all the different websites with confusing or out of date info? The Kids Time is the ONE PLACE to find the best, ON DEMAND, activities, events and playgrounds near you. The Kids Time: Discover together, anytime, anywhere.


Don’t waste family time scrolling through long blogs with out of date, useless information. Instantly search our FREE, nationwide resource of activities and attractions that fit your family’s schedule. We offer what you need, when you need it. Looking for a free activity for your toddler on Tuesday at 2:00? No sweat. Need a family friendly event this Saturday evening that won’t break the budget? We’ve got plenty…and we’ve got coupons. Think of us as your secret parent power… in your pocket.


Our app is location based, so you can access our extensive network of events and fun places for kids near your home or on the go. Discover family friendly events anywhere, right at your fingertips.

Discover Together

Searching our database is so easy your kids can do it. Filter by category (Arts and crafts, sports, indoor events, and much more); by time (now or when it fits your schedule in the future); age group of your children; and cost.

  • Discover events and activities happening RIGHT NOW and when you want them
  • Find craft classes, indoor play spaces, storytimes, and more
  • Add your selection to your iCal calendar and easily share with friends
  • 1 click calling and directions to locations
  • Easily search by category, age, cost, location, and more
  • Store all of your locations for future visits
  • Find discounts and promotions to your favorite places and discover new places to try
  • Find family centered services such as restaurants, salons, pediatricians, speech therapists, car service, and more.
  • Great for parents, grandparents, “cool aunts” and uncles, even the nanny or child care providers
  • Easy to use; seamlessly switch between the app and desktop version (http://theKidsTime.com)
  • Services for kids of all ages from 1 month to 18 years old.

As busy parents, we created the app to be quick and easy to use; so you can focus on who really matters and INSTANTLY make memories that will last a LIFETIME. The Kids Time: Discover together, anytime, anywhere.”

Mike and Brooke Webb were thrilled with the results and the work we accomplished together.