Helping Melinda Livsey of Marks and Maker – Broken Links & Redirects

In this vlog/screencast, we show you 4 SEO tactics to find and fix broken links...and how to set up redirects on a Squarespace website!  In case you would rather read a slightly modified transcript, we have included it below. Melinda Livsey of Marks and Maker Hi guys! It's Matt from Cilderman Solutions. How are you? Good to see you, again! [...]

Website Audit – Branding, Copywriting, and Design – Evaluating The Old Cilderman Solutions Website

In this video, I talk about the old website and why it needed to change.     We've included the transcript in case you prefer to read Website Upgrade: Why is Switched to Wordpress "Hey, guys! It's Matt from Cilderman Solutions. This is kind of really new to me, screencasting like this. And so,...I wanted to have to start somewhere, [...]

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

The video below was created as a very basic explanation of search engine optimization.   We have provided a transcript of the video below: Search Engine Optimization or SEO are fancy ways of saying that your site: Is designed so that it’s easy for search engines to read it. Ranks well in search results. Did you know? 61% of people will [...]

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