Our Work & Case Studies

Davis Website Design Case Study

Web Design Case Study

The Davis Stone Company, an established leader in the fabrication & installation of natural stone surfaces, was looking for a website that both made them standout and looked professional.
Vigor PT Web Design Case Study

 Website Design Case Study

Dr. Voloshin was concerned that his website was old and out of date. He recognized that this reflected poorly on his business and was costing him customers.

Vigor SEO Case Study

Search Engine Optimization Case Study

Dr. Igor contacted us because he needed more customers to be able to find him. Take a look at how we drastically increased his targeted traffic by 400% through SEO and content marketing to help him grow his business!

The Blogging Kit - What to Write About

Copywriting and Content Marketing (eBook)

Ben Burns, COO at The Futur, asked Matt if he would create a guide to blogging for creative entrepreneurs (including SEO, user experience, and content creation) to be sold in The Futur’s online store.

Facebook Advertising

A local auto mechanic wanted a Facebook advertising campaign to increase awareness of his services, bring in leads, and ultimately help increase his revenue.

Google Ads Case Study

Backpacks for Life hired us to manage their Google (FKA Adwords) Grant Account and adjust to Google’s ever-changing rules, while still reaching new users with their message and services.