Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

We helped Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation get off the ground with SEO and take off, growing their organic traffic from nothing to over 4,000 pageviews a month.

Client Challenge

Dr. Igor (owner of Vigor Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation) contacted us because he knew that he needed help with search engine optimization, that his website was not bringing in customers the way it needed to.

Cilderman Solution

We created a custom marketing plan that involved a combination of search engine optimization, local SEO, outreach, and social media. This example will focus on the SEO and outreach portion of the marketing.

Before we started, the business received almost no traffic or leads from their website. As you will see below, targeted traffic has exploded to over 4,000 pageviews last month (January 2019).

SEO Case Study: Analytics Screenshot

We have achieved this through high-quality content marketing (medical blogging focused on SEO) on a national level that has attracted links. This, also, has increased our topical authority and ability to rank locally.

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Local SEO and Traffic

Locally, we have increased brand recognition and website traffic through blogging about local health and wellness issues (parks, blood drives, etc.) and our outreach efforts.

Successful Outreach: Wayne Patch Writes a Feature about Dr. Voloshin’s Innovative Approach to Care.

Vigor Physical Therapy Opioid Treatment

With the overuse of opioids gaining national attention, Dr. Voloshin was featured in the local news for how he counsels patients and provides physical therapy as a healthy alternative to the quick fix of pain medication (opioids) that too often lead to addiction. Dr. Voloshin was featured, quoted, and his picture was included in the article. The article also included a link to the Vigor website, which is generating valuable local traffic and leads!

Client Response

Dr. Igor Voloshin, DPT, Owner

“Matt’s work has significantly increased online referrals to my Physical Therapy practice. Having him handle my online marketing and SEO has allowed me to focus more on what I do best which is treat my patients and not worry about the rest. He’s been a true pleasure to work with and I look forward to a long term working relation with him in the future. Would without hesitation recommend to anyone starting a business or looking to boost business through online marketing.”
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Dr Igor Voloshin

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