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Hope is not a valid strategy. We’ll work alongside you to craft a plan for strategy and execution

Puzzle Pieces

Find the right strategy and tactics that fit your team’s capabilities so you can act decisively and connect with your customers in a new and powerful way.

How a Strategy Session Helps You

  • Identifying your ideal customer and how we can reach them
  • Examining your current marketing efforts
  • Identifying your team’s capabilities for followthrough

How a Marketing Audit Helps You

  • Using multichannel analytics to confirm our strategy session findings.
  • What story does your data tell?
  • What are your highest ROI marketing channels?

Marketing Strategy & Audits

More About Our Process

A strategy session allows us to facilitate a discussion where you and your team (experts about the business) are asked questions and lead through a framework designed to reveal insight about your business and your customers.

More specifically, this may include exercises like competitor analysis, development of customer avatars, the buyer’s journey, Impact Vs. Effort Framework, etc.

This data is then analyzed against an audit of your marketing channels and analytics to look for inconsistencies and uncover deeper insights into your business.

We take those insights and craft a high-ROI marketing plan that maximizes your team’s strength.

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