Eggs Podcast: Overcoming Crippling Perfectionism so You can Publish Content

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Eggs podcast by Ryan Rhogar and Michael Smith.

Matt Cilderman Joins the Eggs Podcast
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We covered topics like, “What is SEO?” and we talked about the ebook that I created for The Futur, “Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs.” While discussing the ebook, Michael asked a great question about “documenting more than you create” and what that means for content creation. This led into a deeper discussion about how to overcome writer’s block or just perfectionism that prevents you from publishing anything. After the interview, I realized that I have a lot of experience overcoming crippling perfectionism, writer’s block, and much more. Would you believe that it used to take me 2-3 years of working on a piece of content before I felt comfortable publishing it?

So, I decided to share my journey (on video) and give tips on how I was able to overcome these struggles and eventually publish the ebook and vlogs like the ones you see below.

Episode 1:  Overcoming Perfectionism so You Can Publish!

The great conversation on the Eggs Podcast led me to create a new miniseries on overcoming perfectionism and writer’s block so you can finally feel free to publish!

Episode 2: Overcoming Perfectionism My Publishing Journey (Blogging for Creatives)

I am not joking…It used to take 2-3 years before I felt comfortable enough to show my writing to other people. This is my journey of growth in publishing, perfectionism, and pride.

Episode 3: How you can Overcome Crippling Perfectionism to Publish Content

I went from publishing once every three years…to publishing an ebook and vlogging weekly. Here’s how you can overcome perfectionism so you can publish!

I hope you learn a lot please contact us if you have any questions!


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